Monday, January 23, 2012

New Project? I think so!

Hello, pretties! I hope this finds all of you well!

I'd like to start by cursing Mother Nature. Today was spectacularly beautiful outside! A tad overcast, windy, but I found that a light jacket was more than enough to keep me comfy. Reminiscent of Spring.
It's only January. I have at least 3 more months of cold, nasty weather waiting for me. Cruel. Just cruel. Still, I was determined to make the most out of my afternoon.

I was visiting my best friend in another city, so after I slept in (till 11am!), I had to pack up and prepare to head back home. Although I'll see him in only a few short days when he comes to visit me this weekend, I still wanted to say a proper goodbye. I'll admit, I hate being apart from him--not fun. He was scheduled for a meeting at work and promised he would text as soon as the meeting was done, so I decided to sit at Starbucks (on the patio to enjoy the day, naturally!) and study for a bit. Oh, yeah...I've decided to finish school, so I'm a week behind classes since I signed up late this semester. Never fear, I'm plunging into the subject fervently! I love it!

But today, after taking only 2 pages of notes--waiting for Matt's text--I found myself writing something else that had been on my heart for a long time. I have already written the first three chapters and I have never been so pleased. It wont be the chunky novels I have been spitting out and it isn't a Paranormal Romance. I don't even think it's a Young Adult's cup of tea.
But it will have it's place in the world of novels. And I've already titled it. Releasing Kayleigh.

I promise to keep everyone updated on the projects I am working on. ShadowShifter is in the last stages before its release date. Lycanthrope (the sequel book to ShadowShifter) has just started being edited and will hopefully get a 1st edition release in October of this year. I'm scratching away at book #3 (which I may actually hold a contest/poll for you to come up with the title!!), and I'm still messing with my untitled zombie apocalypse book as well. Releasing Kayleigh, I feel, will be taking a top priority through the next few months. I am also in talks about turning "My Mid-Life Do Over" blog into a book. I almost feel like my projects are all in a race to see who will finish first.

Till then, keep reading, keep watching this blog and my website (, or follow me on twitter. I'm also on Facebook...but then again, who isn't?

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  1. I can only imagine how cathartic this writing is going to be for you. Can't wait for this weekend!!!


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