Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vampires! So Many Choices... and No, Twilight was NOT an Option.

Christopher Lee (Hammer Films)
When choosing your favorite vampire movie, what are the deciding factors? Out of respect for the classics, do you claim Dracula as your favorite? And I'm referring to the Bela Lugosi version, because as much as I love my girl, Winona [Ryder], the remake in 1992 (for lack of better words) sucked. Should I dig into the Hammer films? I mean, let's face it - Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee kick major butt as the respective roles of Van Helsing and Count Dracula!
Frank Langella (1979)
Then again, Frank Langella made a pretty hot Count in yet another remake of Bram Stoker's classic in 1979. But why does it have to be Count Dracula? It doesn't. The category is vampires!! That opens up a whole new selection of movies to choose from, like the earlier mentioned (Day #2) - Fright Night. Both of these had a hot vampire and though I found the original one twinged with an appropriate amount of dark humor, the remake was filled with intensity. Two awesomely wonderful qualities to have in a movie.
30 Days of Night
And while we are on the subject of intense vampire movies, I can't forget the movie with my unaware boyfriend [Josh Hartnett], 30 Days of Night. That coven of vampires was brutal! Not to mention there's something very suffocating about being sunless for 30 days, hiding in the blistering cold.
Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000
And we can't forget one of the hottest vampires of all!!! No, not Edward Cullen or Eric Northmen, because neither of these two are even close to my cup of tea.(Please, don't throw rotten vegetables at me. I tried to like them; I just can't.) I'm referring to Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000. I particularly enjoyed the twist in historic myth that showed how Judas Iscariot was actually our first vampire! Nice move.
Interview with a Vampire
Anne Rice pegged her vampires well for the Vampire Chronicles. Oh, how we all loved seeing the lives of the vampire with a moral conscience, the vampire that was bold and defiant, and the vampire that would forever be trapped in a little girl's body!

And don't even get me started on the awesomeness of the Underworld movies!

The Lost Boys
The Lost Boys is another popular favorite among many. I enjoy it; but it has never been a top contender in my book. I've never been able to put my finger on it, but something has always annoyed me about that movie. Don't kill me, but I think it was Jamie Gertz and that little kid... and their stupid names.

The truth is, I can't choose.

Each movie has it's own special element to bring to the table and they all pretty much cancel the other special qualities out, evening out the playing field whether by special effects, acting, eye-candy (not going to lie), or out of simple respect. According to Wikipedia there are over 170 versions of Bram Stoker's Dracula alone and that's just one vampire-dude. I believe it would be nearly impossible to collect the kind of data required to figure out how many vampire movies are floating around out there. My guess is the number is in the thousands.

Leave the glitter for a Christmas tree ornament.
And as an author of a young adult series with a few vamps in it, I'd like to state for the record that I prefer sharp teeth on my vampires and that they should experience some sort of spontaneous combustion (or something similar) when placed in sunlight.

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