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Sugar and Spice and Everything NOT Nice...

Day 12 - My Most Disturbing Horror Movie

Sloth victim - Seven
If I wasn't a mom, this movie would be elsewhere on my list. Not here. This spot would be filled with something brutally violent like Hostel or Seven. But I became a mom in 2003 and because of that, this movie belongs right here.

The Exorcist.

No, I haven't been fortunate enough to carry a little girl full term, but I was blessed with two fun little boys. Still, I know - as a mom - that little girls should never be possessed. "Disturbing" doesn't even cover it.

But it's also because of that very thought that makes this movie so effective.

I'm not going to blog on it much because,... well, to be honest... it scares the hell into me. Even more than Paranormal Activity. And you sure as heck won't be seeing many pictures on this blog. I can't even get myself to do a Google search to collect them, afraid of certain images I may come across.

The Exorcist (1973) is a rare gem. It's an academy award winning horror film. Out of ten nominations it won Best Sound and Best Adapted Screenplay. It was even up for Best Picture, but The Sting conquered that category.

My mom was working as a Municipal Bookkeeper for the city of Hoopeston, Illinois when the movie was re-released in 1979. One of her many tasks was to transport films to the local theater for Warner Brothers. She loved horror movies, so naturally she was going to see this one. Besides, it was free to her since she was the bearer of the movie gift. The Exorcist was widely known for total chaos in the theaters when it released. People would pass out from fear, or literally have conniption fits because they were so freaked out. Some have even said to have a demonic encounter while watching this. Did my mom take heed? Nope. Come hell or high water, she was going to watch it.

She lasted under an hour. And that night she had an unholy encounter. I won't go into details, because it's her story, not mine to tell. And because it scares me to even think about it, let alone relay it to a blog. I'm just not strong enough of a person to do that. Maybe someday I can touch on this issue in a future novel of mine.

Eventually, she finally saw it from beginning to end, claiming that it was the scariest movie she had ever seen.

Approximately 14 years later, there were two movies I was forbidden to watch. Dirty Dancing (I'll never understand that one) and The Exorcist. I was sixteen and driving on my own. My friend, Dawn, and I decided that "come hell or high water" we were going to watch it.

Truly, it was the scariest movie I had ever seen, but it didn't affect me to the fullest until 2003, when I was a few months shy of giving birth to my first born.

There is something extremely wrong with a demonic manifestation in anyone, especially a child. I had horrible visions and nightmares during my pregnancy, and all of them were centered around this movie. It no longer became a scary movie, it became a real threat to me.

Sure, sure. I know some of you are thinking, "Crazy Christan". Fine. I am and far from ashamed of this. Do I believe in possession? Very much so.

I have seen The Exorcist maybe once or twice in the last ten years, but every time I have spent the remainder of those nights on my knees in prayer.

It's very serious and not to be played with. Maybe that's why it's so dangerous to me - because I know how real it is.But i will say... it's the scariest movie I have ever seen.


I would, however, like to visit The Exorcist steps in Georgetown someday.

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