Friday, October 28, 2011

Does the Number 28 Ring a Bell?

"More brains!" - zombie, Return of the Living Dead
Day 13 - My Favorite Zombie Movie

As much as I'd like to claim something like Return of the Living Dead as my favorite, I simply cannot.Though it was full of running zombies (that even talked! haha!) and was reminiscent of the the 1980's, I had to pick something that made me stomp my feet in the theater to help the people on the screen run faster - away from the horde of zombies. And though this horde isn't technically a zombie horde, it carries the same kind of  elements as one.
I'm talking about the 28 Days/Weeks movies.

Can I choose between the two? I can't. They both bring different but powerful elements to the screen.

28 Days Later wasn't a fresh approach to zombies, but the journey through it was. It provided characters that you could grow to care about to some extent and gave a great deal of down time to suffer the anxiety of anticipation, something that movies today rarely do. What was going to happen next? When?

And Cillian Murphy was beautiful in it, I must say!

Jeremy Renner
28 Weeks Later... the opening scene still makes me want to stroke out. It, too, provided characters you can almost sink your teeth into. But the difference in this one is the lack of down time. It moves at a very fast pace and doesn't really even give you a chance to catch your breath from the last attack.

 Jeremy Renner stole my heart in this one. I can't wait to see him as Hawkeye in The Avengers next Spring!

Robert Carlyle (28 Weeks Later, The Full Monty)
And who knew that the guy from The Full Monty was a big enough douchebag to not only leave his wife behind to be attacked in some farmhouse, but to also infect a newly established community living within London. What a jerk!

 And in both movies, you are given a second enemy. Those you entrust to protect you.

I've already blogged on zombies earlier this month (Dawn of the Dead remake), so I'll make this short and sweet. I like fast moving zombies. The "zombies" in the 28 movies are speedy, but they don't feed on flesh. They just want to rip you apart. Rage - true to its name, once exposed, you are infected and the symptoms appear within seconds, so one must act quickly to eliminate the new "zombie".

Out of the two movies, though, one scene comes to mind as the most piercing scene of intensity. Near the end of 28 Days Later, young Hannah decides, while stoned on some sort of muscle relaxer (?), that her best bet to hide from the "zombies" that are loose in the mansion is to hide behind a full length mirror. She's got to be clueless about how close they really are to her. It kills me to watch! Amazing!

For the record, I would not be upset if their was a 28 Months Later.

And while we are on the subject of zombie stories and characters that have girth to them... please tell me that you all are watching The Walking Dead!

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