Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Revisions, revisions, and more revisions....

I've been severely slacking off on this blog - as well as my other blog. Please don't take it personal. I'm even a  month late on a deadline for a magazine article for my column. See? I'm swamped! But this is a great thing... sort of. Though it means I'm busy and in some sort of demand it also means I have no time management skills to speak of. Ha!
I took a vacation in Florida with my family in July and returned to a month FULL of music gigs - leaving hardly any time for me to complete book #2. I was able to really kick it into full gear by mid-August, but then I decided to take ANOTHER mini-vaca with my special guy. When I returned ready to finish book #2, you wouldn't believe what was waiting in my inbox....
REVISIONS for ShadowShifter!!!!
haha! I can't win!

For those of you who didn't know, I self-published my first novel ShadowShifter and only 4 months into sales, a small publishing company gave me a book deal for it, so I have to remove it from the "virtual shelves" until they re-published it. I still have several books floating around to reviewers, which is a good thing. That means a buzz is still slowly being created as it prepares for a RE-launch!! However, now I have to comply with an editor. I really don't mind this. I'm learning so much from my revisions already and her guidance is truly going to make ShadowShifter AMAZING!!! (If it's not already. *wink*)
So, as I'm revising my first book, my second book is collecting dust. *sigh* I'm getting anxious to finish it soon and start edits. I have a great team of gals that edit for me before I send it off and they are ALL driving me nuts to start reading it. I love it!!! That's gotta be a good sign!

And just to wet your whistle, as I continue revisions on book #1 (ShadowShifter), and writing book #2 (Lycanthrope), I've already started the ground work for book #3, which I plan to take my sweet time with. I plan to have a contest in the near future for readers to guess the title.

So much fun!!!