Monday, May 30, 2011

A Fish out of Water

It's the best way to describe where I am at right now in my life - as a fish out of water. Since I could remember, I wanted to be a singer. And I made that dream come true. No, I'm not famous, but I make a living doing what I love and what I always thought I did best - music. 
In 2008, I read the Twilight Saga. Like a crack addict, I couldn't put them down. When I was finished with one book, I would leave the house immediately to buy the next one. In "New Moon", when Edward left Bella, I was heartbroken and couldn't focus on church services that day. "We" (Bella & I) had to get him back! And I'll admit that i was extremely disappointed with what all transpired in Breaking Dawn and how it all ended. I felt like it was a complete cop-out... A sell-out.
To cope with my Twilight withdrawals, I felt inspire to write about the story. Naturally, I knew I was being drawn to write a song about it, but I couldn't get the right ingredients to be successful. Maybe it was because I hated the ending? Maybe because I didn't relate to Bella at all as a character? So, instead, I decided to write a short story similar to Twilight - basing it on myself as a girl named Julie and a guy named Broderick [Brody]m inspired by my first boyfriend who lived in my neighborhood when i was a young teen. I knew if I could relate to the story more, I would be able to write my song... and scratch that "itch" I had.
After two days and ten chapters, I knew I didn't have a song in my heart - I had a story.
"ShadowShifter" was then born.
True, there are some parallels to "Twilight", but what I have envisioned as the a full saga, will bring us all so far from "Twilight" that we won't know what hit us when it's all said and done.
I published the first book in the series, "SHADOWSHIFTER" in 2011 and am diving in to this uncharted territory on a daily basis.... book blogs, book teasers, tours, marketing strategies.... it's all much different than my music stuff. And yet similar.
This blog is about my growth as a writer and my writing projects - or things related to my writing projects. For instance, right now I am in process of promoting "ShadowShifter", and even creating a teaser trailer for it, as well as finishing the manuscript of it's sequel, "Lycanthrope".

Did I miss my calling? I thought I was supposed to be a singer all this time? One thing's for sure - I love this new journey int he world of writing. It's scary, but intriguing,... just like music.

At this point I don't PLAN to do much book blogging, seeing as how my plate is full with "Lycanthrope", promoting "ShadowShifter", staff writing for Curvalicious Living Magazine, playing music, and being a mommy of two awesome boys - but that's not to say that I never will.